About SIGNUMX Catholic Apparel Co.

If you want to learn about our little Catholic company, knowing the meaning behind the brand name, SIGNUMX is everything. SIGNUMX is our take on the Latin phrase: Signum Crucis; better known as the Sign of the Cross. The X was adopted to represent both a cross and sword, reminding us of the strength we find in our faith when in the midst of spiritual warfare.

About SIGNUMX Meaning

SIGNUMX Catholic Apparel Co. was born out of San Diego in 2017 by some random Catholic guy. There aren’t really any brands in the Catholic world that are stylized like Volcom, Billabong, etc. and I sought to fill that void. We seek to produce a lifestyle brand where people could join a movement to bring others to Christ through a subtle, SoCal way. Everything starts with, “What does SIGNUMX mean?” and then the rest is up to you to become that fisher of men.

About Me

My name is Zach, husband to my high school sweetheart and father of one living in San Diego, CA.

Like most people my age, I grew up with plenty of unhealthy addictions in addition to a very lukewarm faith. Even with 12 years of Catholic schooling, nothing is a match for the power of high-school bad decisions. After putting Christ at the center, I now treasure my rich Catholic faith and am trying to win souls over for our King.

There have been some great tips that I’ve learned over my short years. Delete your personal social media. Avoid the computer as much as possible (especially when you don’t feel productive). Get married young and have as many children as God gives you! Keep going to Reconciliation even if you end up seeing the priest more than your parents. Lastly, never stop going to Mass, we need you.

SIGNUMX Patron Saint

Saint Maximilian Mary Kolbe

Saint Maximillian Mary Kolbe of Poland is a man that I learned about in 2016 but fell in love with his character, mission, and legacy. Saint Kolbe evangelized countless people through his devotion to our Mother and fearlessness of persecution. “When you kneel before an altar, do it in such a way that others may be able to recognize that you know before whom you kneel.”  If you would like to learn more about this brave man, we’ve created this page to him, but please also visit his dedication website here.


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