Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh

These items are usually the first things to come to my head when thinking of Advent. That being said, I never put any thought into the actual significance of them until this year.

I attend RCIA with my wife because she is in the process of becoming fully integrated into the Church and the topic of this week was the Liturgical Year. The beauty of Christianity is that I will never fully unpack all of the wisdom and beauty that it has to offer. 

Something I found fascinating was that Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh referred to Christ’s Kingship (Gold), Priesthood (Frankincense), and eventual martyrdom and death(Myrrh). I always just assumed they were the expensive gifts of the times, but I never considered their inherently symbolic nature. The item that challenged me that night was when we were told to:

Prepare ourselves for pregnancy

That was what the nun leading the session said. Now, I thought that was an odd request for us to follow and honestly didn’t agree with her. However, I thought about the following days and the message has made itself more apparent to me. This is a time of preparation, joy, and anticipation for Christmas. This is the time where our Lord became flesh inside of that manager. We, as members of his body, are called to prepare our lives like a mother would for her child. Like a mother would need to eat well, follow all of the pregnancy tips and exercise often in order to be ready for her child, we must do the same for Christ.

I’ve also come to understand that much of Christs’s message revolves around preparation. Whether it is preparing our soul for judgment day, marriage, the priesthood, or for even the birth of Christ, we are called to just prepare. I think this is a message that is really penetrating our hearts right now because we truly do have a life on the way and I feel an even greater sense of appreciation for the season of Advent.

These are just some of my thoughts about the season and I would just encourage everyone to continue to learn because there is so much meaning in everything that we do.

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