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Fathers Teach your Kids Something - TCM

Fathers: Homeschool or Not, Teach Your Kids Something – TCM

Source: Those Catholic Men Author: Mr. Tim Bennett This article originally ran in Sword & Spade, a magazine for Catholic fathers, leaders, and mentors. There are few issues in our modern-day society that get me more wound up than education. My frustration doesn’t stem from us not being able to see the forest for the trees, rather […]

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Exodus 90 Completed

Officially completed my second Exodus 90 challenge and boy was this one harder. You know, the reason I did this in the first place was gain a sense of control back into my life when I really felt lost. In addition to preparing for my marriage, I really wanted to prove to myself that I […]

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Go see Unplanned

If pictures of a dead babies on banners make you sick because you can’t believe that those darn pro-lifers would show such a gruesome image, do yourself a favor. Think about WHY that makes you feel so sick. If you’re still not convinced, go and watch this video by Dr. Levatino and then go support […]

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