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My Evangeline’s Story: Peace in the Desert

Source: Those Catholic Men Author: Mr. Andrew Garofalo In December I shared the first part of Evangeline’s story with you. I told you how questions arose about my daughter’s health during the pregnancy and how she was born with a large bump on her lower back. I told you how I almost passed out in the delivery room […]

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What I don’t Like About Catholicism

A major criticism that I have with Catholicism is the insurmountable amount of good advice. While talking to my spiritual director he tells me to pray the Rosary, yet when I speak with acquaintances, they tell me to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Which is right? Here I am a couple of weeks into Exodus90 […]

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SIGNUMX India Travels

After staying in India for two weeks now, I’ve got a much larger perspective on how the opposite side of the world is doing. In short, the USA could pick up some moral practices from here. The people are welcoming, generous beyond all belief, and very kind despite the very apparent poverty. Irrespective of religion, […]

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