Christmas time

This is my favorite time of the year. We decorate the house, see all of our large family, go to the suddenly crowded Mass, just relax indoors with some hot chocolate, and celebrate our birthday. If you were waiting for our latest shirt drop, I can’t say that it will arrive by Christmas but it’s still a great gift for a someone you love!

It’s been a year since SIGNUMX has been around now and I’m humbled by the support and love that we’ve received in our first year of operations. Our focus this year will be to work with more charities and promote other wonderful Catholic ministries that maybe aren’t getting enough traction. I want to thank my wife and son for allowing me to put so much time into SIGNUMX and to all the friends and family that have encouraged me to continue pushing forward. Most importantly though, I want to give glory to God. SIGNUMX wouldn’t be here without him because this is his company. Whatever he wills, I will listen and hopefully that means that we get to stick around for a while. As I’ve said from Day 1, we’re in this game for souls¬†and that won’t ever change.

God bless and Merry Christmas,
Zach | Founder of SIGNUMX