Confirmation Gift Ideas

This is a short post to try and grab the attention of those searching frantically online for the perfect Confirmation gift. To the brother, mother, son, or sponsor who is trying to find something that isn’t the typical Rosary, engraved Bible, or other similar present, consider getting them a t-shirt from us. Why? We’ve found great conversations jumping off the initial explanation of what SIGNUMX means, it’s not too flashy, and it’s something that they can use on a day-to-day basis. While they’re on fire (hopefully this lasts forever, but we all know about those slumps), they can use this as an excuse to share The Sign of the Cross to the world and try and bring some friends into a RCIA class perhaps!

Point being. I loved my Rosary and Bible that I got from Godparents and friends, however I wish there was something at the time that I could utilize in my daily life and I strongly believe in our work here. It’s all about starting a conversation and spreading God’s good news right?

Lastly, on behalf of all of us at SIGNUMX (so basically just my wife, son, and I), we welcome the brother or sister that you’re shopping around for to our Church! May the Holy Spirit pour down its gifts upon them.

Here’s a link: SIGNUMX Shop

Here’s a link to an ULTIMATE list that will also have great products for your search: Ultimate Christian Stores List

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