Exodus 90 Completed

Officially completed my second Exodus 90 challenge and boy was this one harder.

You know, the reason I did this in the first place was gain a sense of control back into my life when I really felt lost. In addition to preparing for my marriage, I really wanted to prove to myself that I could live without the items that I considered a necessity. Well, this time I had a much harder time with some certain practices of the program. For those who are unaware, Exodus 90 is a spiritual exercise program where you give up snacking, TV, internet (mostly), music (mostly), small comforts like hot showers (basically hell), sweets, etc. In addition to the asceticism portion, prayer and fraternity are the other two stools of this tripod. Failure to have all three results in a rough time. Luckily I had some great men with me on the journey because I really struggled with the internet for work only practice. It was enlightening for me to see just how hard something could be especially when the first time was relatively easy for me. I guess that’s the beauty though. I was humbled and shown that I truly do need to rely on God’s grace in order to succeed at anything in life.

Good luck to all those men still participating, you’re in my prayers


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