Family. Nature. God.

There is something about having brothers that feels like such a blessing. More often than not, we’re at each other’s throats and everything is a competition. But it’s normal. It’s difficult. And I would never trade it for anything.

There is also something about being with those brothers in the mountains, in nature, that just feels right. Fishing, hiking, board games, and chopping wood bring us together and give me moments where I’m able to step back and take inventory of everything that I have. Sitting in a cabin looking across the plains is enough mystery for my eyes to wonder how everything was created. I need not a book nor a person to convey to me the cosmology of the world to understand it’s vastness.

There is just something about being with Family and Nature that continually point my heart towards God. Something which pen and paper or keyboard and mouse could never illustrate so beautifully. Get your family, leave your phone and head to the wilderness.

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