Hello World

Hello World is truly the best title for this first post. I come from a Software Testing background and this title is always the first name you give your initial program when learning. At the same time, I am bringing a whole new approach to Catholic Christian apparel to the market, so – Hello World, here we come.

If you’re expecting cohesive and thought-provoking content here….you may be in the wrong place. I want to use this area to talk with the fans of the brand and express our achievements, struggles, blessings, and events that hit us. So if you find that worthwhile, buckle up.

So, why am I starting this venture in the first place?

  • Am I doing this for the money?
  • The recognition?
  • The faith points?

I pray that these reasons aren’t the focus because I truly want to change the perception of the Church in any way that I can. I understand that many people will not agree with the way I am going about it and I also see that just wearing a t-shirt won’t cause conversion. What I do hope for, is questions. I want people to see my shirt and ask “What does that mean?” 

When you look at the logo, what do you see? A cross? A Dagger? An Elephant (you shouldn’t see an elephant)?

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2 thoughts on “Hello World

  1. Feel free to join the conversation

  2. I think its wonderful Z! Anything I wear does express who I am, at the time. Sometimes its as simple as “Im a tired mom” Pjs or sweats droppin off the kids or going shopping. Soemtimes its a color – bright or black cause I feel good or low key cause Im feelin “chill” – sometimes leopard, when Im feeling REALLY good. I LOVE to wear my faith? If I could find a 5″ crucifix (thats cool) Id wear it daily! I agree we’re not changing the world wearing our faith but it is a form of witness. If kids, and adults, can wear jerseys and t-shirts of their favorite sports team with enthusiasm – or a rock band why not Christ?? I love your stuff and I cant wait for a Our Lady of Guadeloupe t-shirt…hint hint!!