Love is Life

What a change in perspective on life one receives when they experience pregnancy.

I now understand more fully the innate beauty that a child can bring to this world. Over these months I’ve been able to see not only a physical change in my wife but also a large shift in myself physically, mentally and spiritually. I love more, work harder, and pray more deeply because I’ve been given a responsibility greater than myself.

The 45th annual March for life just took place this last year and what a beautiful showing in response to such a heinous act. Sadly, what has turned my stomach almost more than the act itself has been seeing the wide acceptance in our culture of bashing on pro-life individuals and shunning them from movements. 

While I could talk for hours about the subject to explain why certain beliefs are innately wrong and morally evil, there’s plenty of that out there. What is often missed on the side of life, is talking with a genuine love for one another. It’s easy to hate. It’s simple to dismiss the other person as lesser than you.

However, we are not called to live an easy life and this is why we must make that extra effort to reach out and touch someone else’s life in a positive way. It’s something we must strive for and actively choose daily. Love one another. Love those who hate you. To roughly quote a homily I heard recently:

You might be the only Jesus that someone meets… 

Life did not create humankind, God did. And God is the very essence of love. So…truly without love, there cannot be life.

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