Money, Money, Money


Money is something that I have multiple thoughts about.

I want money because it gives me feeling over control over my destiny. However, it is poisonous and others need it more than I do. So are these thoughts compatible?

During the aftermath of Christmas, I thought about what just took place during this season. I spent all year saving up money so that when my wife and I go to check out houses, I might be able to afford a downpayment. However, we spent so much money on presents for others that it looks like all the progress made was for nothing. Or was it?

Were the elated faces of those we love worth a certain dollar amount? Is this tradition of giving and receiving¬†presents something that Christ would encourage for us to partake in? I’m not certain. One thing that I know is the need for those most downtrodden is still tremendously high. No one deserves to be homeless or lonely. Please keep in mind the souls that wander the streets day in and day out for whatever reason brought them there. We are their brothers and sisters and it’s our job to bring the love and joy that we received as gifts from God to them.

Keep the Christmas spirit and give your love as gifts, freely, to all those around you.


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