New Beginnings

Easter and Life

God has a humourful way of giving us sight into life. We begin life with some of the best vision and as we age, our 20/20 gradually turns into contacts and reading glasses. However, our true sight only gains intensity as the years go on.

While life experience will continue to come to me, I can’t deny the fact that having my son has aged me in a good way exponentially. We are given greater responsibilities only when he feels we are truly ready or in need of growth. I didn’t want a kid at first, I feel as though I’m just barely understanding the intricacies of being an adult so how could I now look after something so dependent on me? On a larger scale, I believe the apostles were feeling the same way after Jesus had died and they were cowering in a room. How could they teach what Jesus did when they didn’t even have four years with him? 

Our God does this little trick very often it seems. Humble us and then give us the strength necessary to complete the task. If Jesus could inspire a mishmash of a dozen men to change the world, do you not also believe that he can help you get through a couple of sleepless weeks of changing diapers? I’m trying to let this sink in.

Praise God that Lent is now over and let us now celebrate, Happy Easter!

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