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Those Catholic Men - are some jobs incompatible with being catholic

Are Some Jobs Incompatible with Being Catholic?

Author: By Mr. Andrew Garofalo Source: Those Catholic Men There are certain occupations that are obviously incompatible with being Catholic. For example, a doctor who performs abortions or assisted suicide; any business involving prostitution or pornography; selling illegal drugs or performing any other work that requires you to engage in illegal activity. But what about other […]

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Dark Ages Of Christianity - Those Catholic Men

The Newly Defined “Dark Ages” of Christian America

Author: By Mr. Jason Craig Source: Those Catholic Men Recently Laura Ingles Wilder, author of The Little House has been de-throned from a literary award due to some insensitive remarks about Native Americans in her books.  Many have commented well about the problem of reading history and literature from a strictly modern perspective, but the more interesting thing to […]

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Demons Among Us and Alfie Evans Photo

Demons Among Us and Alfie Evans

Author: By Mr. Wes Wolfe Source: Those Catholic Men Fear should not consume our lives, but it is always lurking in the shadows of our souls; creating obstacles in our passage. Although we should completely trust God’s direction and actions, it is nearly impossible to disregard fear in totality. My biggest fear is losing one of my beautiful […]

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