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The Many Faces of Manhood - TCG

The Many Faces of Manhood – TCG

Within contemporary culture, manhood has been placed in a box, and a quite small one at that. The only accepted version of a real man is one-dimensional: aggressive, musclebound, dangerous, and unfeeling. In saner times this was not so. There were many archetypes of manhood. The warrior. The poet. The philosopher. The king. While some exceptional men were all of the […]

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Suffering and Strength - Catholic Gentlemen

Suffering and Strength – TCG

Author: Sam Guzman Source: Catholic Gentlemen One of the most pernicious lies of the modernity is that we were made for comfort. Every day, thousands of advertisements and so-called experts promise us a life free from suffering and pain—if only we buy one more thing. Yet, the comfortable life they promise is an illusion. For […]

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Catholic Gentlemen FatherSon

The Gift of a Father’s Blessing – TCG

Author: Sam Guzman Source: The Catholic Gentlemen Scripture begins with the story of creation. God pours out his creativity and handiwork on the world, filling it with life and abundance. On the final day of creation, God creates mankind, made in his own image, as the culmination and the crown of his labors. God then admires his […]

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