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My Evangeline’s Story: Peace in the Desert

Source: Those Catholic Men Author: Mr. Andrew Garofalo In December I shared the first part of Evangeline’s story with you. I told you how questions arose about my daughter’s health during the pregnancy and how she was born with a large bump on her lower back. I told you how I almost passed out in the delivery room […]

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Learning About God’s Fatherhood in Luke’s Gospel - TCM

Learning About God’s Fatherhood in Luke’s Gospel – TCM

Author: David La Mar Source: Those Catholic Men   Today is the feast day of St. Luke the Evangelist. His gospel is filled with numerous observations and meditations about God as our heavenly Father. A closer reading of St. Luke’s gospel gives us a better idea about the specific characteristics of God who is truly Our Father in […]

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Be the Father Who Plays - TCM

Be a Father Who Plays – TCM

Author: Cameron Murray Source: Those Catholic Men For the past two years, I have been working a job that has required a daily commute of roughly two hours, more or less. Over time, it has slowly worn on me, not to mention my cars. It not only has had its effects on me, but my wife and […]

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