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The Many Faces of Manhood - TCG

The Many Faces of Manhood – TCG

Within contemporary culture, manhood has been placed in a box, and a quite small one at that. The only accepted version of a real man is one-dimensional: aggressive, musclebound, dangerous, and unfeeling. In saner times this was not so. There were many archetypes of manhood. The warrior. The poet. The philosopher. The king. While some exceptional men were all of the […]

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Catholic Gentlemen - End Abortion

What Men Can Do to End Abortion – The Catholic Gentlemen

Author: Robert Colquhoun Source: The Catholic Gentlemen Men are frequently told that abortion is a women’s issue and therefore they should have no role in the issue. The argument follows that since men cannot get pregnant and have abortions, they cannot understand what a woman is going through and therefore they should have no voice. This […]

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Those Catholic Men - Catechesis

Men Wanted for Catechesis – Those Catholic Men

Author: David La Mar Source: Those Catholic Men As summer gives way to fall, and especially in the next week or so, the religious education school year starts up once again and the urgent call for Catechists rings out throughout parish communities far and wide from Directors of Religious Education (D.R.E.’s) still scrambling to fill […]

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