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cry for purpose

The Invisible Cry for Purpose

Author: SIGNUMX Source: Those Catholic Men When I arrive at Mass with my wife and 7-month-old son, there’s something that keeps circling my thoughts when I look at the pews surrounding us. It’s not the age of the wood, the wear and tear of the Sunday Missals nor the noise of the A/C unit that […]

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SIGNUMX Catholic Apparel Promo

Confirmation Gift Ideas

This is a short post to try and grab the attention of those searching frantically online for the perfect Confirmation gift. To the brother, mother, son, or sponsor who is trying to find something that isn’t the typical Rosary, engraved Bible, or other similar present, consider getting them a t-shirt from us. Why? We’ve found great […]

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Those Catholic Men - Never Too Holy

You’re Never Too Holy To Fall – TCM

Author: Mr. Sean Mitchell Source: Those Catholic Men Have you ever thought of the Saints as impartially blessed or favored by God, as virtually super-human, and basically incapable of sin? Have you ever felt that their claims of being vulnerable to even the most serious temptations were at least excessive, if not disingenuous? Do you hold, […]

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